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Oxarc Manufacturers and supplies a variety of industrial, medical, and specialty high purity gases, for number of applications and industries.


Shop for today's most popular welding supplies from the industry's most trusted names like Lincoln Electric, Victor technologies, and CK Worldwide.


Shop for safety supplies from a number of trusted brands from Honeywell and Kimberly Clark, and learn about safety and compliance courses for employees available from Oxarc.


Oxarc supplies the industrial machining industry with high quality equipment and machine tooling consumables like indexable carbide, band saw blades, abrasives, drill bits and many other machine shop supplies.


Oxarc has the largest rental fleet of welding and safety equipment available in the Inland Northwest.

Fire Protection Services

Oxarc Fire Division installs and services portable hand fire extinguishers & first aid supply, fire suppression systems, and fire alarm systems.



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